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Links for week ending 27 April 2012

Here are the things I’ve been reading and enjoying from around the internet this week

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First up is a great quote for everyone who has experienced some degree of frustration as a manager or leader:
Your employees aren’t the problem, they are the solution.Karl Moser
Onto the links ….
A couple of quite technical articles on a few different quality and lean topics, but both very readable:
Michael Ballé’s Gemba Coach ColumnDear We used to do Gemba Coach Six Sigma and are new to lean. Some consultants talk to us about model lines and others about Kaizen event…
Getting the Most out of a Capability AnalysisMany articles describe the difference between the process capability indices simply: one is short term, one is long term. Moving beyond s…
This video is an awesome demonstration of the power of the Toyota Product System:
The Toyota Production System (TPS) Helps Feed the HungryToyotaEquipment
VIDEO: The Toyota Production System (TPS) Helps Feed the Hungry http://youtu.be/Ygcli7tg6pE #forklift #toyotaKyle Thill
A great post by Tim which I discovered via a RT from Joe:
RT @TimALeanJourney: New Blog Post: If you are a manager, then think of yourself as a queue http://dlvr.it/1Td6CFJoe Dager
A Lean Journey: If you are a manager, then think of yourself as a queueThe role of management should be an important one for organizations. Management can be defined as the act of getting people together to a…
And on a similar theme:
How Extraordinary Bosses Differ From OthersThere is a great article on Inc.com by Geoffrey James about 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses. He details nicely how the behavior of…
Which brought to mind this quote:
It takes strong leadership to create enduring change that produces continual innovation. #LeanKrissy Aldridge
This post covered the psychology behind why businesses avoid Lean transformations:
Lean Insider: Psychological Barriers to Lean Initiatives?Chris Ortiz has published many books on kaizen and its benefits, but his recent book — The Psychology of Lean Improvements: Why Organiza…
And Deborah produced a great overview on developing a highly performing team:
Team-Building: What Makes a Team High PerformanceWe finally have objective data from 21 organizations over 7 years that validates what most team builders have known forever. The soft, pe…
On a similar note David suggests that ….
a true high performance team can only happen when there is a common goalDavid Forrester
Learn more:
Football Team Shows Excellent Leadership Of High Performance Organizations (HPO)mpschreurs
Onto an infographic which I thought was a reasonable stab:
Lean Six Sigma: Step By Step (DMAIC Infographic) | Go Lean Six SigmaThe following is a transcript of the infographic above: Lean Six Sigma is simply a process for solving a problem. It consists of five pha…
Next are a couple of articles which educated me to the fact that Demin was involved in the early days of Sony:

Deming has taught a 42-year-old Akio Morita these principles when Akio was struggling to get the 20-employee company he co-founded to realize his vision. Over the next 30 years, a continuously improving Sony changed the world. Could the same happen for you?
Spend Matters: Incrementalism, Deming, Sony & YouSpend Matters welcomes a guest post from Mark Schaffner, VP of Marketing at Verian. Have you ever wondered why something as straightforwa…
Sayonara Sony: How Industrial, MBA-Style Leadership Killed a Once Great Company – ForbesSony was a market leader for 40 years. But it replaced its strategy of innovating new markets with an industrial strategy based on volume…
This article backed-up some of the ideas I presented in my own post:
8 Reasons Continuous Improvement Programs Fail | Operations Strategy ConsultingLean, Six Sigma, TQM, TPS, Agile and ISO are just a few of the initiatives companies embark upon to improve their performance and reduce …
And finally this week, a really funny post by Jon:
Lean Manufacturing Blog, Kaizen Articles and Advice | Gemba Panta ReiGemba Research is deeply committed to teaching kaizen, lean manufacturing and related systems for maximizing human potential while minimi…
And remember:
Oscar Wilde Quote: ChickensLaura Callin Bennett

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