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Links for week ending 13 April 2012

Here are the things I’ve been reading and enjoying from around the internet this week.

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Firstly this week, a couple of great quotes from Stephen and Tommye:
Those who constantly ask questions without care for the answers reveal breath taking arrogance and little humility.Stephen Parry
Let us not confuse stability with stagnationTommye Labay
Onto the posts and links ….
There’s been an mini exercise theme running through some of the continuous improvement blogs this week:
A Lean Journey: A Healthy Lean Road is Paved with Exerciseundefined
Overweight | Overeating | Facebook Cafeteria | Poka YokeInterested in a free 25+ page eBook on the 7 Wastes? DOWNLOAD NOW Few of us think of eating as a process, but it is. And, just like any p…
Other links I’ve enjoyed:
The Customer is the Purpose of Our Work ” Curious Cat Management Improvement BlogThe Customer is the Purpose of Our Work Posted on April 9, 2012 Comments (0) A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He…
Are Quality Professionals Happy On the Job? | A View from the QNo one said it’s easy to be a quality professional. Interesting-yes. Frustrating-sometimes. (Just see feedback to last month’s post on “s…
Jeff Liker: We look at single variable explanations in isolation to get us the quick fix ” The Lean Edgeundefined
A Case of Mistaken CapabilityThe common expression “numbers do not lie” may be true, but a clear understanding of where the numbers came from, and of the human factor…
And a couple of great posts about leaderhip:
Evolving Excellence: The Shame of “Great” CEOsBy Kevin Meyer What a couple weeks here at Evolving Excellence. Discovering that Amazon’s worker abuse is on par with Apple’s, and even B…
Amazon.com Responds to Allegations It Abused Employees in …Sep 20, 2011 … Amazon.com Responds to Allegations It Abused Employees in … One worker claimed he was made to walk as many as 15 mil…
Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: All In: It’s Culture that Drives ResultsAll In: It’s Culture that Drives Results In the New York Times, Stephen I. Sadove, chairman and chief executive of Saks Inc., explains th…
And here is my own Lean Leader from my employer Parker Hannifin talking about these points in more detail:
Lean Leadership: Kathy Miller, Parker Hannifin Corporationindustryweek
I commented on these posts:
A fun post by Dan, resulted in a fun comment:
Respect for People, Richard Branson Edition |After delving into the meaning of Dr. Shingo’s oft-cited quote about the purpose of improvement, and pontificating about the role of tran…

This reminds me of a little story I sometimes use to show how easy it is to misunderstand people:

“Can you tie a knot?”

“I cannot.”

“So you can knot?”

“No, I cannot knot.”

“Not knot?”

“Who’s there?”

“Good grief!”

And Jon posted a thoughtful post when he reviewed The Lean Startup by Eric Ries:
Lean Manufacturing Blog, Kaizen Articles and Advice | Gemba Panta ReiBy Jon Miller | Post Date: March 27, 2012 11:46 PM | Comments: 0 My experience with startups extends to starting Gemba Research, a consul…
I enjoyed this book and the decisive flexibility which it suggests is necessary to ensure that we continually react to problems in tiny increments. These changes constantly test out the original vision and the business model rather than continuing to, as Ries labels it, “achieve failure.”

I like the following quote from Ries:

“Entrepreneurship is a kind of management. No, you didn’t read that wrong. We have wildly divergent associations with these two words, entrepreneurship and management. Lately, it seems that one is cool, innovative, and exciting and the other is dull, serious, and bland. It is time to look past these preconceptions.”

This is an essential book for those who want to resign and found the business that they have always dreamed of, and it’s just as useful for seasoned entrepreneurs too.

Find out more:
Watch Eric Ries Discuss “The Lean Startup”rypple
Video The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries with case studies, Intuit’s Scott Cook and Instagram’s Kevin Systrom http://tcrn.ch/oIwUsBRaul Montiel
It was also interesting to see that Evernote implements a ROWE culture over at Evernote:
Phil Libin of Evernote, on Its Unusual Corporate CultureQ. Do you remember the first time you were somebody’s boss? A. I’m a programmer by training. I just worked as an engineer all through col…
In case you missed it here are my concerns about ROWE:
| LearnSigmaIn this post I’m going to examine the Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) model and give you my thoughts on the subject as it applies to…
And that’s about it for another week. I’ll leave you with this quote to think about:
It doesn’t matter that you’re right or that you can fix the problem when no one is listening to you anymore.Shrikant Kalegaonkar
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