Six Sigma is rubbish!!

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Putting aside facts such as Motorola has reported over US$17 billion in savings from Six Sigma as of 2006 or by employing Six Sigma:

The savings as a percentage of revenue vary from 1.2% to 4.5%

This “unbiased” article proclaims:

  • Six Sigma is Expensive
  • Six Sigma is Slow
  • Six Sigma is Not Hands On
  • Six Sigma is Complicated and Disruptive
  • Six Sigma is Inflexible and Demanding
  • Six Sigma is not for Performance Breakthroughs

The productivity of U.S. companies is too important to leave in the hands of a flawed improvement approach like Six Sigma. If we are going to maintain our current standard of living, we must improve fast and choose a tool that is both uncomplicated and effective.

The solution?
Use an approach called MVT.

How to get this solution?
Contact the author of the “six sigma is rubbish” article of course!

… Hmmm, so no bias there then.

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